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Band Bio

The Colour And The Shape have another confession to make: they love Foo. So much, in fact, that they formed a band in their honor in 2018. TCATS are no pretenders when it comes to Foo fandom; they are
dedicated to bringing you a fully authentic Foo Fighters experience. In fact, you can't get a better Foo Fighters show without going to see the real thing... guaranteed.


TCATS does the Best of Foo, from songs off the first eponymous record to the latest album, and they'll add any FF song that you request!
Monkey Wrench? Of course. All My Life? That's a given. Dave Grohl's cover of Darling Nikki?? All that and more. The Colour And The Shape is available for events of all kinds: parties, festivals, 
gatherings, weddings, you name it. Don't forget the Mentos.